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Fri17 May 2024



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Alcohol Reduction Expert: Do This 1 Thing to Drink Less in 7 Days

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If You are lovers of alcohol who want to drink less..., it's crucial that you watch this!

Alcohol Reduction Expert: Do This 1 Thing to Drink Less in 7 Days

Fri17 May 2024



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There is a simple solution that takes just 7 days to reduce your alcohol consumption without going cold turkey…

Or spending time in group meetings…

The good news is it doesn’t involve exerting any willpower either.

All it takes is just 25 minutes a day for 7 days.

Customer Reviews

Sam, Melbourne, Australia

I was drinking a bottle of wine a night, and I'm talking Monday to Friday, not going out with friends on the weekend, which could be a lot more! Four weeks in, I am now down to one or two glasses a night. Moderation is possible and achievable as opposed to many of the other programs that I've tried where sobriety is the end goal!

Shelley, San Diego

I found that Georgia Foster's really unique approach was really helpful. You can download it really easily on your phone, and each day has different lessons that offer coping skills, hypnosis talks, and different ideas to help people battle this in the comfort of their home. Seven days to drink less has genuine results. I highly recommend this program if you're looking to deal with getting control of the over consumption of alcohol.

Jo Hellings, Sydney, Australia

I've never done hypnosis ever before. I was skeptical at first. I didn't think that it would actually work, but it's working. It's helped with cutting down my drinking. Two nights ago, I went out for dinner with my friend, and it was the first time since I couldn't remember that I went to the bar and ordered water - no alcohol. My friend was shocked!

John Clare, London, UK

It’s no exaggeration to say that the drink less program changed my life. I feel fitter, and many people have told me I look great. I’ve lost two inches on my waist, just through drinking less. I feel sharper in the mornings. I was always very energetic, but I now have even more energy.

Rachel, Salt Lake City

After I lost my mom, I was drinking heavily. I wasn't able to function. I was hungover every day. I wasn't able to make it to work just unhealthy. So I researched, and I found this online course called Drink Less in 7 Days. They use hypnosis to help you drink less. I love it. It helped me so much. You have to try it. You do a course every day for seven days, and you can come back if you need a craving for a drink and use the app again.

Peter, Sydney, Australia

Hey! I still love a beer but instead of drinking 10 to 12 beers a night I might have 2 to 4 & sometimes none.